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08 April 2012 @ 08:03 pm
Fic: Hide and Seek Isn't What It Used To Be  
Title: Hide and Seek Isn't What It Used To Be
Author: discreetmath
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Warnings: Recreational drug use.
Word Count: 1700
Summary: When Stiles comes into possession of some less-than-legal substances, he knows he's got to get rid of them before his dad finds them. So it's either throw them away, or see if he can get Derek to loosen up for once. This is Stiles we're talking about, so the choice isn't a tough one.
A/N: Written for this prompt at the Teen Wolf Kink Meme. Inspired, therefore, by this gif. Derek, forgive me.
Disclaimer: These people do not belong to me, and this is all fiction.

Crossposted to AO3.

“So, Jackson asked me to hold onto this for him, and honestly, he should know better than to think that I’m going to do him a favor like that out of the goodness of my heart. That asshole tripped me at school yesterday!” Stiles gets all the words out in a rush and then sucks in a gulp of air.

Derek’s still just scowling at him; well, he’s scowling at the zip-lock bag that Stiles is holding up, and the three joints inside of it. Stiles tries again.

“I can’t in good conscience let him have drugs, Derek! And what if my dad finds this stuff? So I thought to myself, ‘Hey, Stiles. Who do you know who’s desperately in need of some mellowing out?’ You made the short list, obviously.” He pauses, eyes tracking over Derek’s face for a reaction. “Nothing? Come on, just try it. All the cool kids are doing it.”

When Derek’s mouth quirks up, just a slight twitch before he can get it under control again, Stiles does a little victory dance in his head.

“Fine,” Derek huffs. “But only because I don’t want to risk you doing this anywhere else. If you get arrested, your father will just blame me.”

“Very true! You’re practically a felon! So, okay, sit down. You’re looming, and it’s very distracting. Not intimidating! I mean, a little intimidating, but mostly it’s just weird.”

Stiles.” How does he do that, anyway? Convey a multitude of horrific, violent acts just by saying Stiles’ name? Regardless of the little thrill of fear he feels, Stiles just opens the bag and plucks out one joint and the lighter, passing them off to Derek.

“You do the honors, Mr. Alpha Wolf.” When Derek just stares at the stuff in his hands, Stiles pauses. “Or I can do it if you want, no big deal.”

“I just…” Derek’s voice is quiet, and he sounds kind of embarrassed, which is too weird for Stiles to deal with. “I don’t know how,” he finishes, and it sounds like it pains him to admit it.

“Oh! No, no big deal, I just figured since you were older or whatever… seriously, no big deal. I’ve only done it once, anyway, and that was just to impress Lydia.”

“Did it work?” Derek asks, and he’s got one eyebrow ticked up like he already knows the answer.

“Well, obviously we’re in a committed relationship now, and she lets me brush her hair for her every night, so yeah, it was super effective.” Derek makes a little huffing sound that could almost be a laugh, if Stiles were a bit more delusional. “So, okay,” he says, taking the joint back and tucking it between his lips. “You just light it, and you have to keep going until it’s all the way lit, and it’ll probably be easier if I just show you.”

He does, and it’s a bit unsettling how raptly Derek watches him, like this is the first time he’s ever seen anyone smoke pot. Which maybe it is? His teen years weren’t exactly the best example of fun and childish indulgence. Stiles puts that line of thinking away, because getting maudlin isn’t really the point of this exercise. He’s just hoping he might get to hear Derek laugh again – a real laugh, even.

Once it’s lit, he passes it across to Derek. Stiles watches as he tries to repeat his actions, and has to bite his own tongue to keep from laughing as Derek winds up in the throes of a coughing fit. He lets him try it two more times with no improvement before he gets a crazy idea. He’ll totally blame the pot for this later, because there’s no other excuse for the way he just runs with it.

“I’ve got an idea,” he says quickly, “but you have to promise not to kill me.”

Derek just frowns at him, but when Stiles keeps looking at him expectantly, he rolls his eyes and nods. Stiles figures that’s good enough, and he lifts the joint to take a deep drag off of it. He leans in to Derek’s space, taps his bottom lip pointedly, and smiles when Derek’s mouth drops open, either in understanding or just surprise.

“Stiles, what are you…” but Stiles doesn’t let him finish, just leans in the rest of the way until their lips are almost touching and exhales right into Derek’s mouth. He’s all ready to give him instructions, but Derek sucks in a surprised breath and takes all the smoke with him. Stiles grins, feeling unaccountably pleased with himself.

Derek just furrows his brow and gives Stiles a light shove backward, but he doesn’t really seem angry. He’s a little flushed, but it seems like more embarrassment than anger. Stiles decides to push his luck.

“Try it again?” he asks brightly. Derek frowns at him for another few seconds, and then his features smooth out and he just nods. “Awesome,” Stiles says, and he means it.


An hour and two joints later, Stiles has gotten his wish. Derek’s sprawled on the front steps of his house, and he’s laughing. No, not laughing, laughing is not the correct word for the noises coming out of the mouth of this fierce, deadly werewolf.

He’s giggling. And granted, Stiles isn’t much better off, but he was sure that Derek’s superior supernatural metabolism would keep him more sober than not. Apparently Stiles’ research hasn’t been terribly accurate.

“You should run,” Derek says happily when he catches his breath. “You should run so I can chase you.”

“What, is this some kind of werewolf relaxation activity? Hunting innocent teenage boys who don’t even have enough meat on their bones to make it worthwhile?”

Derek frowns, but by now it’s gone from scary to adorably confused. Confusingly adorable. Something, Stiles doesn’t even know what.

“Not hunting,” he argues. “Playing.”

“Yeah, yeah, unfortunately I’m fully aware of the concept of playing with your food,” Stiles mumbles, but he’s already standing up and stretching, enjoying the dizzy rush that comes with it. “You have to give me a head start,” he says, and then he takes off.

He goes straight around the side of the house, pausing for a second before laying eyes on the shed out back. It’s not the soundest of structures; one of the walls got touched by the fire and Derek has just tacked some metal siding over it to keep the weather out. Still, there’s a ladder tucked around behind it, and he scrambles up it as quietly as he can before lying flat on the roof of the shed.

He doesn’t think he’ll be hidden for long, but he’s spent enough time here in recent weeks that he knows his scent is all over the property. Maybe Derek’s altered mental state will make it hard to pick out the fresh one, and besides – it’s a lot more likely than Stiles outrunning the guy.

Stiles holds his breath when he hears movement from the front of the house, and then his eyes bug out when he sees Derek come around the side. In his Alpha form. That’s right, Stiles is playing a game of hide and seek with an enormous, hulking wolf. At least his eyes aren’t red; maybe that means that he’s only feeling a little bit murderous.

He snuffles his way around the backyard, ears perking up now and then when he catches a fading scent trail. Then he freezes, and in the light from the moon Stiles can just barely make out a silver glint in the grass under Derek’s nose. The lighter. He must have dropped it when he ran back here, and now Derek has his scent for sure.

Not that he’s over-the-top scared, because he’s seen Derek in his Alpha form before and it’s usually accompanied by rage or protectiveness or something that makes him vicious. Now, he’s more like a giant, terrifying puppy. Shit, make that a giant, terrifying puppy who’s staring directly at Stiles.

He bounds across the backyard, and Stiles starts scrambling backward as soon as he sees what’s coming. Derek sets his hind legs and leaps for the roof, and he probably would have made it if he weren’t impaired. As it is, he catches the edge of the roof, tries to scramble the rest of the way up, and then Stiles hears the ominous sound of creaking metal. He has half a second to see Derek’s wolf eyes go wide and surprised, and then the hastily put-up metal siding is pulling free of the shed and taking Derek with it.

Stiles rushes over to the edge, knowing he’ll never forgive himself if Derek gets horribly injured because of him, and then he stops short. Derek is lying safely in the grass a few feet from the sheet of metal, bare-assed naked, laughing so hard Stiles thinks he might pull something. Stiles just flops down onto his butt, legs dangling over the edge, and points at him.

You,” he says, “you are fucking insane. No more controlled substances for you ever.”

“Stiiii-les,” Derek singsongs, and that’s so far distant from the way he normally growls it that Stiles can’t help the smile that steals across his face. “Get down here.” He’s not threatening, not yet, but Stiles figures he ought to just go ahead and do it. He crawls over to the ladder, easing his way back down, and wanders over to where Derek’s still sprawled on the ground.

And it’s not that Stiles expected him to magically manifest pants in the past five seconds, but the view is seriously distracting. So much so that he never sees it coming when Derek darts a leg out to trip him up, and he winds up hitting the ground, a stupidly muscular arm reaching around and tugging him in closer to Derek’s side.

“Caught you,” Derek whispers, and there’s still a gleeful edge to his voice, but Stiles thinks the high has mostly worn off by now. He gasps in surprise when Derek shoves his nose into the crook of his neck, but he figures there’s not much left to do but go with it. It’s not like he isn’t comfortable.

“You sure did, sour wolf,” he grumbles, but he’s turning into Derek’s side and letting the sleepiness overtake him. “You sure did.”
Shane: [RP] Tyler's gorgeous smilehavemy_heart on April 9th, 2012 02:01 am (UTC)
This is super cute :D I think letting go agrees with Derek.
baby in a trenchcoatdiscreetmath on May 18th, 2012 12:43 pm (UTC)
Thank you!! I definitely agree with you about that :)
gatekeeper1324 on April 9th, 2012 02:35 pm (UTC)
Will there be more to this or not? This is adorable! I would love to read more and I'd love it if you were a scrip writer for the show so I could see this!!!! :)


baby in a trenchcoat: stilesdiscreetmath on May 18th, 2012 12:44 pm (UTC)
Re: Hello!
I'm glad you liked it! I don't know if there will be more to this one but I DO plan on writing more Derek/Stiles :) They're very hard to resist!
genevievexx on December 22nd, 2013 08:43 pm (UTC)
I love this! Thank you :)))